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Our Company

Uni-Moulding was started by some experienced moulders and designers. Uni-Moulding bit stood for Unity, Novelty, Innovation.

From small beginnings, we have grown into a company with 2 plants more than 10,000 square meters and the turnover increasing year by year.

We are specialized in plastic compression, injection and blow molds for people and manufacturer who would be in need for his production in industrial, electronic, medical, automotive, traffic, construction and golf field. As the business increasing, we set up our in-house injection molding shop to provide one-stop service for our customers.

Our key success is commitment to giving service to our customers who we like to feel are partners.

To achieve this success we depend on a workforce working as a team that is intelligent and keen to work hard.

Born customer-based ,doer-oriented spirit in mind, UNI gains some fames in the field step by step, and grows with the attentions of its partners. The attention from these partners is just the power pushing UNI forward